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Posts tagged: Colin Baker

50 Shades Of WTF (The Trial Of A Time Lord 13-14)

We finally reach the end of The Trial Of A Time Lord just in time for Adam’s birthday. Because what better way to spend it than discussing how a man in a clown coat has to avoid the machinations of a velvet penguin and a almost, slightly possibly not really future version of himself.



The Trial Of A Time Lord 9-12 (Space Crossroads)

As they inch closer towards the end of this ‘epic’ our plucky heroes must face the Freudian nightmare that is Terror Of The Vervoids. Can they survive Pip and Jane Baker without a script editor ? Just what will they think of Mel? Why is Honor Blackman wearing a track suit?  And is this really Murder On The Orient Express in space, or is it strangely closer to a certain long gone British soap opera? To misquote the Valeyard: ‘Stop the Matrix, I want to get off!’ 



The Trial Of A Time Lord 5-8 (And As If By Magic Brian Blessed Appeared)

Adam, Andi and Stephen continue their look at The Trial Of A Time Lord and are all incredibly happy to see that even if the legal inquires are yawn worthy there’s nothing like a bearded maniac to cheer up proceedings. When not talking about the lovely lunacy of Mr Blessed, they also tackle subjects such as Sil, Peri’s bald cap and how sometimes when travelling in time and space you just have to throw a corpse or two.



The Trial Of A Time Lord 1-4 (Well Technically It’s More Of An Inquiry)

Join Adam, Andi and Stephen as they start to tackle one of the most controversial stories in Doctor Who’s history. Does it deserve it’s terrible reputation? Do we really need constant cutaways to court? How many crash zooms can one face stand? Will Adam give in to Andi’s utterly random demands to put the song Sex Dwarf into this episode? And is the world truly ready for a sexy William Hartnell Halloween costume?